What a gig!

What a night! It's the day after the gig we played last night with Mel wiggins and Leo Mullen which was a charity gig to send one of the DesertSeeds, Mack, to Malawai to do what he does best (no, not play drums, pour cement and plaster!).

We are pretty exhausted today but happy because last night was excellent. We had thirty minutes to play as much eardrum assaulting children's praise and worship that we could and although we didn't manage to pull monkey impressions out of everyone in the crowd, at least two well known faces pulled off very authentic ape impressions!

Don't be confused! One of our children's songs has a verse that goes:

The biggest ape that swings from the branches / The biggest ape that swings from the trees / The biggest ape that eats a banana / is still smaller than your love for me

See! It all makes perfect sense.

We played this song, 'Biggest Fish' and six others like it from our forthcoming children's album, 'Alive', and we also played three tracks from our current album, 'Shine'.

We'll try and post some video or audio or something from the night on these pages or on our YouTube page which currently consists of nothing (watch that space).

If you're about, we are playing again in the Solid Rock church in Drogheda on July 25th which is another charity gig, this time to send our friend and master musician, Leo Mullen out to Malawai to help Mack pour cement and plaster.

A big thanks to Mel Wiggins who played an excellent set and for her part in helping raise 800 quid which is excellent in these cash strapped times! Check out her page at: http://www.myspace.com/melwigginsmusic and her EP 'My Brother's Keeper'.