The new year has begun! Oct 1st - 2008

The Desert Seeds website has been pretty quiet of late but we want to inform you of a few items of interest that are happening right now.

'Shine' is now available through but we're working hard to get it on to iTunes as well. It's a tricky business but we should have some results in about eight weeks. We feel this is important because, let's face it, downloads are a lot cheaper and easier to manage!

Secondly, we've started work on album 2. It has no name as yet and probably won't for a while. It's primarily aimed at younger children, about six to eleven, and is progressing rapidly. We've laid down the bones for nine tracks and are determined to get this one out to you before the close of 2009. Watch this space.

There will be photos uploaded on this very website soon, hopefully next week, so you can see what kind of ugly mugs we are!

Plans for the future include an official launch party and loads of video work, so plenty to keep us and you busy. As always, if you have a query mail us at or check out our myspace at and send us a message/friend request that way.