Summer Camps - Part 1 - Oct 1 2008

I know it's now officially Autumn but i just want to mention the Chrysalis summer camps that were held at the end of August.

Chrysalis is the group that myself and Mack work as part of and vision is to see children saved, set free and walking in Jesus' love. We've been working together for over twenty years and in addition to monthly meetings we also host summer camps in Kells, Co. Meath each year.

This year Desert Seeds continued to lead worship and the two camps were a huge success from all angles! We are involved in drama, bible teaching, crafts, games, worship and loads more so we were kept busy. The first camp was for children aged 6-11, the second for teens aged 11-14.

The praise in the first camp was obviously aimed squarely at young children and we played established tracks like 'Biggest Fish', 'Little Light' and 'Don't Have to be Ten Foot Tall' as well as two brand new ones called 'Alive' (or 'Not Some Old and Beardy Guy' as the children nicknamed it) and 'Tick Tock'.

At the minute the band is simply myself on acoustic guitar and vocals, Mack on drums and backing vocals and Jason Bagnal as action leader. It's loud, it's fast and it's great fun, just the way praise should be!!

The kids really enjoyed the worship and went home singing about His love so i think it was mission accomplished and we really thank him for the priveledge of leading worship with these kids who are absolutely brilliant.