Mel Wiggins Gig in Richhill, June 20th 09

I'm exhausted! We have a gig coming up this weekend in Richhill Elim church. It's a strange one for us because it's not a worship set, it's actually a gig. So myself and Mack practiced last night for three hours and ended up with throbbing guitar fingers and pounding, ringing eardrums. I think the music business can be bad for you...

Still it was fun and we're going to attempt to play ten songs in thirty minutes which will be a feat in itself. Seeing as most of our children's praise songs come in at about 2 minutes in length, it should be possible and we're looking forward to a good night.

It's in aid of Mack's three month trip to Malawai. It will be his second trip and all proceeds from the night go to helping him get there and helping people when he arrives.

The fabulous Mel Wiggins is headlining the night and you should definitely check her out at

Ian, DesertSeeds