Full length praise sessions from CCYM camps 2012


We've posted full length praise sessions from the two camps on Soundcloud and the links to them are here.

We recorded most of the sessions over the two weeks and Mack mixed them in the week after the camps.

The band for the first week were Paul Butler on actions, Sean Purcell on acoustic guitar, Greg for a few nights on bass, Ian on voice and guitar and ukulele and Mack on drums.

In the Senior camp, second week, the band was the same but we also had the excellent Ellen Beth Morris on vocals as well.

We've posted them unpolished and imperfect, warts and all but if we have the right attitude, and we try to, we believe we could have a tin can and a single string on one guitar and still worship Jesus!

They're here, hope you enjoy them. They're available for download as well as to stream. They are two large files but we'll be posting some individual tracks in the next few days as well.

CCYM Senior Camp Friday Night 2012

CCYM Junior Camp Thursday Night 2012