Desert Seeds in Africa - Oct 23 2008

Mack, one half of the Desert Seeds team, has just confirmed that he will be travelling to Malawi, Africa in the near future as part of a missionary trip.

He will be going out to lend his expert ears and audio expertise to a praise band in one of the villages, teach them songs and generally do whatever he can. A plasterer by trade, he has already send ahead several bags of plaster and will also be doing some plaster work on key buildings in the village.

One of the most exciting aspects of this trip is that he will be taking some of the Desert Seeds music and translating it into the Malawi language, Chichewa.

Because he will be working with some very young children there he will be using some of the tracks we are currently recording for our children's album as well as one or two from 'Shine'.

We'll keep you informed on his progress and we wish him the best for his trip.