Chrysalis Summer Camps - Part 2 - Oct 1 2008

The Chrysalis Senior camp kicked off on 10th August, 2008 and we had over fifty young teenagers for a full week in Headfort School, Kells. The Desert Seeds are the praise and worship band for Chrysalis and this is an account of how the week went.

It's always a bit daunting going into a week's residential camp because you never really know what to expect but as usual, the kids were totally up for anything and got into the praise from Sunday night and never looked back!

Myself, Mack and Jason teach two to three songs every morning during the camps complete with actions. This is the praise practice, it's just about learning the songs, getting familiar with them and having good fun. Each evening at about eight o'clock we had a proper praise and worship session where we turned the lights down lower so those who are a bit more self conscious can praise freely. This year for the first time we also had a resident VJ, Paul.

He designed loads of graphics that tie in with the words of each song we play and as we were playing he cued in each image or video clip. It was an experiment because we axe anything that is distracting in praise but it tied in perfectly with the worship and is something we're going to develop further.

We also taught two new songs in this camp, 'Who Is Like You?' and 'Praise Your Name'. There's always a familiar nervousness when we debut new tracks but the kids loved them, especially 'Who Is Like You?' which really belts along!

The last night was a memorable praise session. At Chrysalis we are very aware that we may sow and sow and sow but never see the rewards. So we may not see lives transformed or lots of children 'saved'. We just know that as long as we teach and sing about Jesus we're doing the right thing and that the right message is going in. However on the Friday night there was a move of the Holy Spirit, the like of which we haven't seen in a long while. We got the opportunity to pray with the children as a team and it was incredibly moving for all involved. We know it was Him and not just emotions gone wild and all who were present know what i'm talking about.

The final thing i want to say about this camp was that we gave away the first pressing of the CD to the teens who attended. the reason we did this is because if there were no children, there would be no album and no songs. They have been as much a part of the writing of 'Shine' as we have been and we wanted to reward that in a way that would mean something.