CCYM Countdown to Christmas in Drewstown

We've just finished working at the 'Countdown to Christmas' in Drewstown house. This was a CCYM weekend for teenagers and it ran from Friday Nov 26th to Sunday 28th.

All in all there were about forty teenagers on a freezing weekend, woollies essential!

If you know the house you'll know the lake which froze over and the wood which was covered with snow. An option of snowball fights is not one we get to offer too often at CCYM summer camps!

The teaching was based around the Our Father prayer so we tried out a new song called 'My Heaven Father'. There's a video of it somewhere so we'll try and post some snippets if we can.

The timing of the weekend was just perfect as Ireland is experiencing Arctic conditions this week. I'm sitting at my computer looking out at a big fat robin digging for worms in the snow while everything is getting cancelled left, right and centre.

Other news is that the first mix of our second album is now finished and there are just a few little bits to tidy up before we go for a new year release.