Camps are soon

I can't believe it!


Week and a half away!


We're really looking forward to the Chrysalis summer camps this year. We have a full programme, of which praise is only a part, and we will be diving headlong into games, team events, treasure hunts, teaching and drama.

At the minute we have about fifty children and teenagers per camp and an excellent leadership team so it's going to be good.

On the praise front, i'd like to say i have a bunch of new songs ready to go, but in truth i have a fistful of fragments and a sackload of scraps and bits and pieces of songs. nothing definite yet, but if there's to be new songs then they'll come.

Some of the best praise songs have been written the night before camp so i'm not going to fret.

Hopefully we'll post some new recordings of the camps and especially some stuff from the forthcoming album, 'Alive' so you can have a sneak peek!