Camps are over! August 17th 09

We have just finished a great two weeks at chrysalis summer camps. We had sixty children the first week and seventy teenagers the second.

We made a decision that we were going to avoid anything on 'Shine' because it's now a year old and we want to move on so there were a few feverish writing sessions in mack's studio till the small hours and then lots more writing and polishing off when i had a minute before the camps. We brought five new songs to teenage camp, some of which have been kicking around in my head for a long time. their names are: 'far from you', 'not by my strength', 'got no time', 'thirsty dog' and 'you are light'.

I will try and post some of the live recordings for people to have a listen but they'll probably end up on the Soundclick site (which is really underdeveloped) because i can put a lot more of them up there.

We videoed most of the junior camp and just the last night of the senior camp so i am determined to get some videos on to our YouTube site (also underdeveloped to the point of nothingness...!).

The two weeks were excellent and once again I am blown away at how much of a priveledge it is to work with such an excellent team of people.

Now it's time to get back into the recordings for the new album and try to have it out by christmas, tall order but challenges make life interesting!