Camps 2010 are over!

Camps are over!

We've just finished two weeks in Drewstown house in Co. Meath working with children and teenagers. We work as part of a team called Chrysalis who run camps, weekends and meetings for children throughout the year but the biggest events are definitely the camps.

We led the praise along with actioneers Paul and Sarah.

Apart from a few broken strings, a nasty throat gremlin and an acoustic guitar pickup imp it was really good.

I did sound like Tom Waits for the first week due to a throat bug but that's not a bad thing. I could get the high notes Ok but the low ones just descended into indistinct growls. I'm listening to the recordings and wondering who that old man singing is! The main thing is the kids didn't mind.

The second week was with the teens and we debuted five songs, 'Green Light', 'Only You', 'What Do They Say?', 'Blameless' and 'You Alone'. We'll try and throw them on to as soon as we can. they need a bit of mixing and chopping but we'll get to it.

Thanks to our good friends Paul and Ollie we should have some really good live videos of the weeks coming on line in the next few months but more on that in later blogs.