2012 CCYM camps done

We're finished both CCYM camps for 2012 and they were great. Junior camp went from July 29th to Friday 3rd August and catered for children from 6-11. Senior camp went from Aug 5th to Saturday 11th and was for teenagers 11-14.

They were two brilliant weeks. Week one saw a lot of old favourites from ALIVE with three new tracks called COME BACK, UPS AND DOWNS and WRESTLE TIGERS. We also played some newish songs from last year especially TINY FEET and GREEN MEANS GO.

At the senior camp we had written three new ones, ONE DAY NEXT WEEK, ASHAMED and COME BACK.

What i really enjoyed about the praise was using a ukulele on some of the tracks, or my tiny shrunken guitar i left out in the rain!

We had Sean, Greg, Paul and Ellen Beth in the team and they all really added to the week.

We recorded most of the sessions and hope to post them on soundcloud and facebook and anywhere we can, so watch this space. There should be brand new songs in the music players very soon.