How do Desert Seeds praise

Desert Seeds


Children love worship if it is safe and fun. As adults we have to ensure that it is both of these things so that the Spirit can work.

We work a system where the space that worship is held in is non-threatening. We do this through two rules for the children:

Firstly: If you don't want to praise that's OK, no-one will force you to stand, sing or do actions.

Secondly: Don't distract anyone else in any way during praise.

Both of these rules ensure that no child will be bullied into something they don't want to do and will come to worship in their own time and at their own pace. It also means that children can stand and focus on God without distractions. A space with no distraction is a rare thing today and what a precious gift that is to give to a child!

Jesus Christ is the centre of praise. As adults we need to get out of the way and allow the children space to meet him. It is their praise session not ours. So if there is messing, deal with it gently. Sit in quietly beside a child who is talking. Catch the eye of someone who is distracting. Don't become a bull in a china shop or you become the distraction.

The space for worship should be safe, neither too bright or too dark. The band shouldn't deafen the worshippers but they need to be heard so they can lead. The band are not the centre of attention and praise band members who insist on drawing attention to themselves divert the praise.

Jesus understood this and that's why he said "let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14 NIV)

Here's why we lead worship in this way

A child sits and yawns during a really brilliant praise session. A well intentioned adult tells her to stand up and have fun. The child refuses because she's really tired today. Both get annoyed. Praise is ruined for child.

A teenager sits at the front of the praise session but doesn't get involved in any way, not even a slight movement of the lips. An adult tells him to get involved or sit down the back. The teenager is hurt because he was plucking up the courage to stand but it's hard when all your peers are looking. He decides he won't bother now.

The praise band really rock. They've put microphones on all the drums and included a killer solo in the middle of that praise song all the teenagers like. The new lighting rig makes them look really professional. The children are so over-stimulated they forget to worship God because they can't take their eyes off the band.

What's that motto again?